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7 Things to Bring With You on a Long Flight

How great is it that travel is now back on the cards for us all? After two years of having to be extremely selective regarding where you could go, the world is finally opening back up to how it used to be.

But for a lot of us, that may mean we have gotten a bit rusty regarding what items to bring with us for those longer trips. You may be wondering, do you need to bring that large blanket with you? Do you need that second pair of clothes in your backpack? Should you bring some snacks?

The answer to all of these is yes. You absolutely should bring all the above with you. And if you plan it all out right, they should all easily go in your carry-on bag.

When it comes to a long flight, you want to be prepared for anything and everything you may need. This means that you want to have all the items that will get you through the next eight or more hours with ease. It also means preparing for the worst when you land and realize that your checked-in luggage did not arrive with you.

To help you prepare for anything and everything on your next flight, we have rounded up the top travel tips to follow when packing your bag.

1. A Travel Pillow

There is nothing worse than trying to sleep on a flight only to wake up with a really uncomfortable neck because you had nothing to support it. Travel pillows have evolved lately to be able to provide more comfort than ever before. In fact, some travel pillows even look like scarves nowadays. Even if you do not think you will be able to fall asleep on the flight, bring a travel pillow with you simply to increase your comfort levels.

2. A Large Blanket

Getting comfortable on a flight is important. And so is staying warm. Having a large blanket for your flight will help you get extra comfortable and relaxed. There is nothing worse than having the intense air conditioning of planes make you feel like you are going to become frozen. A large blanket will help you avoid that while also making you feel like you have more personal space than you actually do.

3. A Book

While most airlines have personal entertainment screens for passengers, you should also bring other forms of entertainment as well. Sometimes it is nice to break up the marathons of movie watching by reading a really good book. When you get sucked into a book, the time also passes by so much faster. It will also be something that will help you kill the time while waiting to board your flight as well.

4. An Eye Mask

If you are wanting to get some shut-eye for the majority of your flight, then you should definitely bring a quality eye mask with you. Not only will it help block out the light, but it will make you feel more relaxed as soon as you put it on. Plus, if you are sitting next to strangers it will help you forget that you are sitting next to someone you do not know and instead transport you to your own peaceful bubble.

5. Compression Socks

When you are in the air for a long time, you are likely going to be dealing with less-than-ideal circulation in your legs. This can lead to your ankles getting swollen, your knees hurting, and just feeling uncomfortable. Wearing compression socks helps keep the blood circulation going so that you do not experience such extreme discomfort while having to sit for long periods of time. Plus, they will also add an extra layer of warmth too.

6. A Portable Charger

While some airplanes now offer USB chargers that are integrated into the entertainment systems or chairs, there are still some flights that do not. The last thing you want to happen is to have your phone or iPad die mid-flight with no way to get the battery up. Bringing a portable charger with you is a great way to ensure that you never have to deal with dead electronics—plus it is so compact that it barely takes up any space in your carry-on bag.

7. A Water Bottle

When you fly for long periods of time you will likely end up becoming very dehydrated. You should not just rely on the occasional glass of water that the flight attendants pass out. Instead, you should bring one of the big water bottles that you can sip on for the entire flight. That way, when you land you will not have to deal with feeling dehydrated.


There are so many great items to bring to enhance the enjoyment of your longer flights—from a large blanket to a big water bottle. What will you be packing?


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