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The Tulsi Mala – Get The Most Authentic One Today

Tulsi mala is one of the most important tools for Vaishnavas who meditate with it. Such disciples show their reverence towards Lord Vishnu, through chanting, which is best done with the mala. Lord Vishnu is only satisfied if the disciples chant the mantras according to the guidelines mentioned in the scriptures. This mala also helps in the purification of the mind and the body. Additionally, Tulsi is considered one of the most sacred plants in the Vedas. 

Tulsi has lots of spiritual benefits. Moreover, it is widely used in Ayurveda, as medicine. If one is suffering from kidney-related issues, night blindness or migraine, the plant’s various parts can provide relief. You will be amazed to know, that according to traditions of the Hindus, Lord Vishnu’s puja remains incomplete if the mala is not used. For the unversed, the same rules and traditions apply to the puja dedicated to Lord Krishna. He happens to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is another supreme deity in his own right. 

Dos and Don’ts Of Wearing The Tulsi Mala

There are certain rules that you have to follow while using the mala. You can read about them here and apply them to get the maximum benefits. 

  • You have to wash the mala with holy water, which is better known as Gangajal, and then dry it before wearing it. 
  • You can wear the mala regularly, however, you have to chant the associated mantras as well. 
  • You should try to avoid Rajasic and Tamasic food after you have worn the mala. Go for Sattvic food, instead. You can include lightly cooked whole grains, pulses, fresh fruits, salads, and herbal juices in your diet. 
  • You can wear one round of the mala, or two, or three depending on how you plan to go about your daily Krishna-Vishnu-related rituals and practices. Those wearing three rounds should be staunch followers. 
  • The 108 beads mala is considered one of the best for devotees. You can use it as a japa or meditation mala. 
  • There should be a knot after each bead, in the tulsi japa mala. 
  • Moreover, you should ensure to keep both malas – chanting one and the one you plan to wear daily, separate. 
  • Abstain from giving your tulsi mala to someone else. You should not borrow it from another person, as well. 
  • You can cover the mala with a soft cloth while chanting. 
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are considered auspicious to wear the mala. 

You must wear an authentic tulsi mala, to get all the benefits. 

Identifying The Authentic Tulsi Mala 

Also called the Tulsi Kanthi mala, you can find out if the mala you are being offered is a fake or a real one. If you soak the mala in a bowl of water, and the color of the beads starts fading, it is fake. 

You can buy authentic mala from Holistic Kart. They sell the same at extremely affordable prices, as well. 

Benefits of Tulsi Mala 

There are quite a number of benefits associated with tulsi mala. Find out about them in detail here. 

  • It boosts the immunity of the wearer, as it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. It can boost the system, better than anything else. Moreover, you can guard against common illnesses like stomach ailments, constipation, and breath-related issues, with the help of the mala. 
  • It also acts as a stress reducer. If you wear the mala regularly, you will experience less anxiety and restlessness. It has a calming effect on the mind. When you hold the mala in your hands, during meditation, it helps to keep distractions away. 
  • It also improves the respiratory health. If you suffer from diseases of the lungs like COPD, and Asthma, it can help in controlling and managing the same. 
  • Your skin will also get detoxed, due to the tonic-like qualities of the mala. 
  • It is also held in high esteem as a protective tool, in Hinduism. The mala can help the wearer stay away from bad forces and black magic. Evil spirits are also not able to harm such individuals. 
  • You will experience better focus and concentration in various tasks. The mala can be worn during yoga practice, as well. 
  • You will experience a spiritual awakening, if you wear the mala on a daily basis. It helps in maintaining focus towards the achievement of spiritual alignment. The universal consciousness is also connected with the help of the mala. 
  • When you wear the mala, you are surrounded by positivity. You can also place the tulsi japa mala under your pillow, when you go off to sleep. It can also cure insomnia. 
  • Tulsi is also associated with corrective effects in the case of hormonal imbalance. 

You just have to set all your intentions straight while wearing the mala. You can buy it from Holistic Kart, which sells the real malas. The firm source the malas from the best vendors in India. You can close your eyes and buy from the site, Get access to all the attributes today. 


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