Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Construction Company

Instagram can be used to market your business regardless of the industry you are in. There are many ways to share content on Instagram. There are many ways to share content on Instagram. You can upload photos and videos as permanent posts with captions, or as 24-hour stories. Text can also be added.

Although Instagram was initially created to allow people to share photos with their friends and followers, it is now a tool for marketing and branding.

Instagram Business allows businesses to monitor their accounts. Businesses can view everything on their account including posts and stories. Businesses can also create, launch, and monitor ads.

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing allows brands to connect with their target audience, and show what they have to offer. Instagram marketing is similar to Facebook and Twitter. Users have a profile with a newsfeed and can upload photos and videos with different filters and captions to their profiles.

Use Instagram To Promote Your Business In 2022

Instagram has many benefits for your business. Instagram allows you to upload stories, create Instagram ads, and post videos. Here are some Instagram marketing tips to help you in 2020.

Analyze The Accounts Of Your Competitors

Find your top competitors and follow them on Instagram. You can monitor the content they post, their engagement rates, as well as how often and what hashtags they use. You should also note what posts your competitors are posting. These findings can be used to inform your content strategy and help you decide what kind of posts to make for your followers.

Make Albums With Multiple Photos

Instagram lets users create albums and attach up to 10 images or videos to each album. You can also post new products and testimonials.

Upload Video Content

Time lapses sped up videos of construction sites, and time lapses are both great ways to get views. You can also share your live video of your stories with those who don’t have the opportunity. These stories can be added to your highlights if you prefer that the video doesn’t disappear for too long.

Get Sneak Peeks

Most of your followers are following you because they want to keep up with your construction business, or because they have worked with your company in the past. These are the same people who would love to hear about any new products, launches, or services you offer. Perhaps you are building a pool in a prestigious area with stunning views. You could take a photo at sunset to show people a different view.

See What Happens Behind The Scenes

Customers and followers must know there’s more to your business than building and making money. Behind-the-scenes videos can help you show your people’s side. Share images and videos of workers on construction sites. You can also show the planning involved in projects. Include people who are not often featured on company social media accounts like the receptionist or janitor.

Use Hashtags In Your Posts

People can use hashtags to help them categorize and locate content related to a topic. You can add hashtags to your Instagram posts to make it easier for users to search for posts with similar hashtags. This will give you an idea of the type of content that you should be sharing. You can use 3-5 niche hashtags that include local hashtags and the brand name to create unique ones for your campaigns.

Make Use Of Instagram Marketing Tools

Businesses use Instagram marketing tools to automate posts, view analytics, increase post reach, track performance metrics, and create post calendars. While some tools are free to use, others require payment. You can choose which tools you use, depending on your business’s needs.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to market on Instagram. You only need a social media strategy, and a list of goals you want to accomplish on Instagram. You can take high-quality images and videos with your phone and share them on your social media feed.

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