What Do We Know About Outlook One So Far?

Around mid-May, Microsoft officially announced the beta for their new, completely re-built version of Outlook for Windows – known as Outlook One. Outlook has been a very important service for businesses for many years now; for example, many of the IT support companies that London businesses rely on recommend the Outlook email client – it integrates well with the Office apps and Microsoft Teams, which have also proven to be crucial apps for business (and also remote working in the last few years).

Recent leaks have given us a look at the future of the Outlook app – with several screenshots indicating what the new app will look like – and now the company has given us much more detail on what to expect, as per their most recent post on the subject. The new design is just the start of the changes; Outlook one will also be integrated with Loop – a real-time collaborating system – and it will have a new system for attaching files.

Outlook Desktop vs. Web

For a long time now there has been two main versions of Outlook: The Windows app and the Web app. The web app is very widely used, seeing as the majority of people normally access their personal emails via a web browser, and it is mainly employees and other professionals who use the desktop Outlook app. If you have tried to use both, you will know that the Outlook web app looks and feels much more modern than the desktop app. It has a lightweight, minimal design; whereas the desktop app has a much denser layout and simply looks like it was developed longer ago.

The differences between and the Outlook desktop client also have something to do with their functionality, and who they are best suited for. TechQuarters, a Microsoft Partner that provide managed IT services London businesses have been using for more than a decade, feel that the desktop app is more suitable for businesses purposes due to itsmore robust scheduling, task management, and automation capabilities.


Outlook One

Currently, the new Outlook One is not available for download; however some Windows Insider users that are subscribed to the Beta channel have been able to download it. The current impression is that Outlook One is much more inline with in terms of the design and the user interface. As well as this, there are several new features that users can look forward to:

New Launcher: Not only is it much more lightweight in appearance, with a sparser layout, the way that you access the core features of Outlook – such as mail, calendar, contacts, etc. – is much closer to what you get in There is a new lightweight menu along the lefthand side of the window where you can launch the core Outlook features, a new To-Do section, and other Microsoft 365 apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Loop Integration: Microsoft Loop is the new system that allows users to collaborate, in real-time, on things like polls, task lists, and other components that can be copied and pasted as many times, and in as many different apps as one likes, and they will remain in sync for everyone. This interesting new service from Microsoft has a lot of potential to change the way employees collaborate. IT support company TechQuarters are already using it internally to make sharing and updating information across teams and projects more fluid.

New Attachment System: Attaching files in Outlook desktop is fairly straightforward once you know how – it’s just a few clicks in the ribbon. But with Outlook One, attaching files is completely seamless in the flow of work. Like the method of @mentioning someone in an email, you can now attach @files and @documents to an email as you write them.You just need to type @ followed by the name of your file.

Calendar & To-Do: A range of new features were also added to make the use of Calendar and Microsoft To-Do within the app more productive. Some of these features are simple, such as being able to pin emails – a feature that has existed in for some time, but is new to the desktop version. Integration with To-Do means that you can actually click-and-drag emails into a panel that automatically appears, and gives you the option to set that email as a To-Do item, or a Calendar event.

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