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How to Find the Best Amazon Humidifier

If you feel like you are living in a perpetually dry living space that makes you feel suffocated with discomfort, having a humidifier is a gift that will feel like a godsend. By changing water into vapor and increasing the humidity, humidifiers can help ward off illnesses by making the air in your rooms easier to breathe.

Will you be using your humidifier in the bedroom or in the kitchen? Do you have children and pets living with you that could come into contact with this humidifier? What is the duration of time that you think you will be having your humidifier running?

Is this going to be your first time purchasing the best amazon humidifier for your indoor needs, and you are not quite sure where to begin? We will help you narrow down which humidifier will work best for you.

Pick a Humidifier Type

The two major types of humidifiers that are available to choose from are warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers. Warm mist units are suitable for small spaces and cold climates, and smaller spaces. The heating elements inside them boil water in order to kill bacteria and germs in order to add healthy moisture to make breathing conditions better. Those are the upsides, but there are a few drawbacks that come with warm mist humidifiers that you should be aware of, such as them being more difficult to clean than cool mist units and being more dangerous for children and pets because they could get burned, and they consume more energy.

The way that cool mist humidifiers operate is that they are great for warm climates, adding moisture to the air at room temperature. They are simple to clean, they don’t require much energy, and should be used with filtered water to prevent germs from moving about when the mist is expelled.

Whichever humidifier that you select ones with certifications such as UL Listing for safety and ETL Listing that gives your device credibility.

Also, look for a humidifier that comes with a warranty to give you added peace of mind when making your purchase.

Ease of Use

Factors that contribute to buying the best amazon humidifier include refilling, cleaning, and portability. When it comes to ease of cleaning, the quality of the humidifier’s filter will be a deciding factor as to whether it has to be cleaned often.

Lighter and smaller humidifiers are easier to transport around your home. The amount of times that you will need to refill the water tank in your humidifier is determined by large top openings being easier to refill. Water tanks that have to be detached during the refilling process can be harder.

Moisture and Tank Capacity

The runtime of a humidifier is the maximum number of hours a humidifier can run before it needs to have its water refilled all over again. This amount of time gets affected by the capacity of the water tank, which is the volume of water that it can hold, measured in gallons or liters.

Moisture output describes the rate at which a humidifier pushes moisture into the air of the room that the unit is in. The way that moisture tends to get measured by gallons per day or in gallons per hour. The most coverage refers to how much area in the room a humidifier can humidify with ease.

Just remember that the larger the tank capacity of a humidifier is, the longer its runtime will last along with. Also, the higher the moisture output is, the shorter the runtime will be, but it will maintain your desired humidity amount faster. In addition, if you buy a humidifier on Amazon with a larger water tank capacity, it also means that the moisture output ratio will last longer with each refill.

The mist overage is directly correlated to the moisture output, meaning that humidifiers with higher moisture output usually humidify big locations in less time and vice versa. Stay away from using a humidifier in a larger area than it has been designed to handle because it will not maintain an equal amount of humidity.

Energy and Noise

The last two deciding factors that we are going to look at when it comes to finding the best Amazon humidifier are energy consumption and noise levels. Having a humidifier with low noise levels is extremely important when you are using the unit in your bedroom, and you are trying to get a great night’s sleep or in the living room when you are trying to listen to music or watch television. Look for noise levels that average 30 decibels to get a sound that is low, like a whisper.

Also, you don’t want a humidifier that is going to become a budgetary burden that is going to be hiking up your cost of living by consuming too much energy. Look for cool mist humidifiers to achieve this goal because they typically use less energy.

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