What Is DeskFlex?

The DeskFlex system is a flexible arrangement that DeskFlex users to book conference rooms and choose seats as needed. It integrates with MS Exchange and Outlook, and can automatically schedule equipment and inventory returns. By automating these tasks, businesses can easily book conference rooms when needed and maximize their productivity. Read on to discover more about this flexible solution.

DeskFlex is a flexible arrangement

DeskFlex is a flexible arrangement for office workspace that allows you to reserve desks, chairs, parking spaces, phones, and other equipment. You can also reserve rooms, blocks, or special rates for special events. DeskFlex also lets you set return dates for equipment. This arrangement is a great choice for businesses looking to save money on office space while still having the flexibility to accommodate their staff’s needs.

DeskFlex is cloud-based software that works across a variety of operating systems and can be customized for your office space. Once you’ve implemented the software, your employees simply log in and reserve their workspace or conference room. DeskFlex also helps you avoid conflicts over who has reserved which space, which is crucial to the operation of your office. Additionally, DeskFlex adheres to social distancing guidelines and promotes on-site communication.

It integrates with Outlook/MS Exchange

DeskFlex is an online calendar and schedule management application that integrates with Outlook/MS Exchange. This allows administrators to manage employee schedules and allocate departmental costs, while allowing staff to easily reserve meeting rooms and desk space. The system also enables users to share their calendars with others.

DeskFlex integrates with Outlook/ MS Exchange, allowing users to add and manage attendees, schedule video conferences, and view room availability in real time. The software also provides detailed reports and a 3D floor view, as well as the ability to manage multiple desks at the same time. Moreover, DeskFlex can prevent the spread of infections, thanks to its temperature sensor that detects the presence of masks and infected individuals.

Managing meetings and events can be a tedious process, especially if they require many attendees. To avoid this problem, many organisations have implemented online calendars, so that they can decide on the best time to hold events. DeskFlex integrates with Outlook and MS Exchange, allowing the integration process to be completed in a matter of minutes.

It allows users to book conference rooms

DeskFlex is an app that allows users to book conference rooms and desks. The app also includes a point-and-click floor map and check-in capabilities. DeskFlex is easy to use and offers a streamlined booking process. It also supports Outlook integration.

DeskFlex touchscreens are compatible with Bluetooth beacons, which allow users to easily connect their devices to confirm check-in. Then, they can use the touchscreen to perform any action on the workspace. They can also use the tablet to provide details about the meeting. DeskFlex also integrates video conferencing tools and online meeting reminders. Moreover, it has the capability to send SMS messages to participants.

The app displays an interactive office map with bookable spaces highlighted in blue dots. It also allows admins to assign permanent spaces to users and automatically signs them out after a meeting. Users can also book meeting rooms, equipment, and game rooms through the app.

It allows businesses to schedule automatic equipment and inventory returns

DeskFlex has recently added COVID-19-compliant features including vaccine management and contact tracing. The software also helps organizations with their visitor management and capacity limits. It is a comprehensive conference room manager that allows for real-time room bookings, user requests, and equipment checks.

With DeskFlex, companies can maximize office space, reduce costs, and boost employee productivity. Employees can reserve a desk and amenities and even book phone lines and parking spaces for their use. The software also allows users to schedule automatic equipment and inventory returns, allowing them to plan their workspace and maximize efficiency.

DeskFlex is also useful for organizations that have a large number of visitors. It lets them process visitors, whether they’re a delivery man, job applicant, or a company employee’s relative. It can integrate a biometric scanner and surveillance cameras, and even include a list of unwelcome visitors.

It offers a 30-day free preliminary

DeskFlex is a cloud-based software and hardware system that enables businesses to maximize space and increase employee productivity. It provides tools to manage meeting rooms, track inventory, and reserve desks and other resources quickly and easily. Users can reserve space in advance and claim it instantly, all without leaving their desks. The system also allows businesses to schedule automatic equipment and inventory returns. Additionally, it allows managers to monitor occupancy levels and generate settlements and invoices without human intervention.

DeskFlex integrates with existing corporate networks, so it can be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s existing infrastructure. It also integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to provide secure, easy login and access for all users. It also synchronizes calendars and room scheduling systems to make management easier. Users can access several applications at once, and access the information they need at a glance.

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