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Best Coffee Presses for College Students

If you are old enough to be attending college, you are old enough to be a coffee drinker by now. There are a lot of things to consider as a new student, and you will likely be checking off multiple lists to make sure you have everything you need. Definitely don’t forget about coffee presses.

There are a lot of advantages for college students to choose a French press for their dorm or shared apartment. To help you navigate, here are a few recommendations and benefits to getting a college student the best coffee press.

Coffee Press vs. Drip Machine

The debate of which is better, a coffee press or drip machine, is an entirely different article, but relevant in the discussion when choosing an option for a college student.

The very first thing to note is a coffee press doesn’t require electricity. That may not seem like a factor in a dorm room or even a shared apartment. However, a non-electric coffee press cannot be accidentally left on or cause a fire or power surge.

Depending on the dormitory rules and fire regulations, there may even be restrictions on what type of coffee brewer, if any), are permitted. All that is required for a coffee press is heated water. Most dorms will have a shared kitchen area with a microwave which will allow you to safely heat water for your dorm coffee press without breaking any rules.

In addition to the convenience, many points made in this great debate revolve around the flavor of the brew. The brew of a coffee press is more controlled. It is possible to adjust the temperature of the water and amount and type of grounds to your desired, individual taste.

A drip machine is a one-note-wonder, and unless you have a single serve model, often you waste coffee by making more than you actually need. The chances are that a college student is making an individual portion for on-the-go. A coffee press gives more flexibility to make as small an amount as needed.

One final note on coffee presses vs. a drip machine – college students don’t clean. A coffee press doesn’t require filters, so there is zero paper waste (or smell) to linger in the dorm afterwards.

To clean a coffee press, you can simply take the parts apart and rinse in soap and water. With a drip machine, to clean you would have to run a mixture of vinegar and soapy water through the machine several times – it’s never a guaranteed clean.

High Quality, Not Price

The best coffee press to get a college student is one that will last. A high quality coffee press, such as the one made by Cafe Du Chateau, is extremely affordable without sacrificing a beautiful and functional design.

Some coffee connoisseurs will even tell you that all coffee presses are essentially the same. Other than the type of material it is made from and how many filters are part of the working press – they are.

Most coffee presses function exactly the same – you put in your coffee grounds, add the water, and push the press. Therefore, the quality of coffee that you brew with a coffee press is dependent upon your own personal skill.

Another thing a coffee press will do for a college student is save them a considerable amount of money – which has to be stretched on a college budget. Not only is a high quality coffee press affordable, (most range in price from $15 to $30), avoiding the Starbucks line at the library will save you a lot.

One study showed that costs for brewing at-home on a French press costs the coffee drinker about $160 a year. If the same amount of coffee is purchased at Starbucks, the cost was over $2,000.

To Go

A college student’s life can be unpredictable, but more often than not, they are always on the go. Depending on your favorite coffee stop or location, chances are you are waiting in a long line every morning just for the privilege of spending $6 on a latte.

Making your own coffee with a coffee press before you leave the dorm or home is going to save you a considerable amount of time. You could even sleep in an extra 15 minutes by not going to Starbucks.

A coffee press, especially one made from a non-glass material, is easily transportable for a college student to take anywhere they go. Late night study date with classmates? A portable coffee press may make you their favorite person at midnight.

There are several advantages a coffee press brings to a coffee drinking, college student’s life. The right coffee press will always be the one that makes you comfortable enough to get creative with your coffee.

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